28 Fundamental Beliefs
Ellen White Information

Bible Studies

Amazing Discoveries
      In-depth research in the areas of evolution/creation, health and diet,
      and Bible prophecy by Dr. Walter J. Veith.

Amazing Facts Study Guides
      Sabbath Truth

Bible Universe
      Comprehensive site with Bible studies, a hymn of the day, sermons,
      a daily devotion, and lots of links.

Dennis Priebe
      Thoughtful discussions of theological and practical issues in Christian living
      and in the church.

It Is Written Bible Study Resources

Sabbath School Network and Bible Study Center (SSNET)


Ellen G. White Writings
Present Truth

Church Structure (local to world)

Amicus Seventh-day Adventist Church
Potomac Conference
Columbia Union
      Washington Adventist University
North American Division
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church


Adventist Youth Ministries
Adventist Book Center
The Bible Story
Adventist Information Ministry (AIM)
Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries (ASI)
General Conference Office of Archives and Statistics
Adventist Archives
Adventist Statistics
Adventist Directory
Adventist Yearbook
Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)
Seventh-day Adventist Digital Hymnal



Magazines: Publishers:


Adventist Recovery Ministries
      Help in dealing with addiction problems
End It Now
      A source for dealing with abuse and violence to men, women and children

Seventh-day Adventist Supporting Ministries

Amazing Facts
      A radio and television ministry. Check the online publications for informative
      Bible studies.

It is Written
      A television and evangelism ministry. Check the online publications for informative
      Bible studies.

Hartland Institute of Health and Education
      Hartland Institute is composed of Hartland College, Hartland Wellness
      Center, Hartland Publications, Last Generation Ministries,
      and Hartland World Mission.

Wildwood Lifestyle Center
      An Institute dedicated to helping people to reverse disease and regain
      health using natural techniques.

Uchee Pines
      A health education and treatment center. Offers natural and medically sound
      health advice.

      A ministry which takes a biblical look at trending Seventh-day Adventist issues.